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Not So Wimpy Entrepreneur Podcast

Mar 16, 2020

Facebook ads can fuel the growth of your online business. But they can be tough! I am super stoked to have the Facebook ads guru on the podcast today! Yep- I’m interviewing Rick Mulready!

I asked him about using ads when you can’t put a pixel on your store.

We talk about how to use ads to grow your email list.

And Rick shares his thoughts about how much to spend on ads and when to stop or change an existing ads.

Ever wonder why an ad does well for a week and then dive bombs? Rick shares the reason behind this and what we should do.

Plus, I surprised Rick and asked him some tips about becoming a 7-figure business owner and even what books he thinks online business owners should read.

But the best part is the two major announcements that Rick made for teacher authors!!!! You are going to be so excited!

Learn more about Rick Mulready at his podcast:The Art of Online Business or his website

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