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Not So Wimpy Entrepreneur Podcast

May 27, 2020

Welcome back to the Not So Wimpy Entrepreneur Podcast! This week we are talking about a topic that I am super passionate about and that is weekly content. I am going to share about what weekly content is, why it’s important to be consistent with it, and my process for creating great content. If you are curious about how to grow your business with weekly content, this episode is for you!


In Episode 19 I talk about:

  • My decision back in 2017 to get consistent in releasing weekly blog posts and how that helped to grow my business
  • Working up to the consistency
  • How to get the most out of the content that you create
  • How to plan content ahead of time
  • How to batch create your content
  • How to decide what to write about
  • The importance of recycling your content


...and so much more!


If you enjoyed this week’s episode, please reach out to me on Instagram and let me know your thoughts on creating content. I would love to continue this conversation. You can find me on Instagram @not_so_wimpy_entrepreneur.

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