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Not So Wimpy Entrepreneur Podcast

Mar 17, 2021

Welcome back to another episode of the Not So Wimpy Entrepreneur Podcast!


Do you have a strategy behind the emails you are sending to your audience?


Today I want to share with you the email strategy that I have been using. It is an amazing strategy for teacher entrepreneurs who want to serve their audience and sell!


You don’t just want a list of people, right? You definitely want a list of buyers instead, and this is a pretty simple strategy that totally works. 


Episode 61 Takeaways: 

+ The best entrepreneurs are consistent. 

+ You can’t do everything. 

+ Spend your time on your content and your email list.

+ Start at the end of your strategy by deciding what you want to sell.

+ Create content on the same topic as the resource you want to sell. 

+ Send an email at the beginning of the week with a link to your content. 

+ Schedule emails to resend to people that didn’t open the first email.

+ Send a product pitch email just to the people who clicked on the link to your content. 


I hope this strategy gets you thinking about being more strategic with what you send to your audience and how you can serve them better!


I would love to connect with you and hear what you think about this episode! You can find me on Instagram at @not_so_wimpy_entrepreneur.


Resources Mentioned: 

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